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Time To Give Rush His Due Respect

As One Of Our Nations’ Most Talented,Corpulent, Bloviating, Homophobic, Misogynistic, Racist, Cowardly, Manipulative, BullyingTrolls It’s time that those weak kneed, soulless Republican politicians and political operatives who have allowed Rush Limbaugh to hijack their party give him the respect he … Continue reading

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Taking It On The Chin, Like A Man

It should be no surprise to any even minimally politically aware citizen that if you have the audacity to aspire to, let alone, eventually accept the job as president of the United States, antagonists will come at you from all … Continue reading

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What Alternate Universe Is The Catholic Church From?

The Catholic church never ceases to amaze with its utter clueless understanding of community values. Sham Wow 2008 Campaign: Vince Shlomi (the Sham Wow guy) and his $1,000 hooker, Sasha Harris, April 2009:   The Catholic church’s Easter 2009 Prostelyzation … Continue reading

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And Justice Will Be Served: Phil Spector’s Sobering Reality

The murdering, nacisscistic little drunken pipsqueek, Harvey Phillip Spector was convicted of second degree murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson and immediately remanded to the county jail in Los Angeles today. The image on the left was created … Continue reading

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Memo On Global Warming

M-E-M-O-R-A-N-D-U-M April 3, 2009 To: The Flat Earthers Fm: A Voice of Reason Subject: Time To Stop Burning Or Start Bailing It has come to the attention of those of us of sound mind and a belief in the principals … Continue reading

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